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Save your friends!

we're funny, or at least pretend to be.
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Hey, and welcome to We Are Funny. The place to post your MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo - or even real life conversations without pimping your journal with them and getting bitched at by your friends. Nobody likes an LJ'er whose journal is 3/4th's conversation. This community provides a way to quench that conversation posting thirst, while still maintaining friends in LJ land.

The almighty, all encompassing rules:

1. Be nice to your fellow members and mods - to put it blantly, don't be a fucktard.

2. Introduce yourself! Make an introductory post with your name and a little about yourself. Like long walks on the beach? Tell us! Knowing a little about you makes reading your conversations that much more interesting.

3. If your convo is 398543907590375320975 words long, put a good majority of it under an LJ cut. It's just the nice thing to do. As much as we want people to be able to post conversations til their hearts content, we also don't want our friends pages stretched out to Alaska and back. Well, that doesn't really work if you live in or near Alaska, but you get the point.

4. Unfortunately, since we moderate this community, we do have some say in what we deem funny. If you're dull, but you think you're funny, that's all good. However, things we find distinctly NOT funny, such as say ... racism and homophobia will not be tolerated. Deal. Or better yet, drop off the face of the earth.

5. Have fun! Previous examples excluded, post whatever you may think is funny, even if it leaves the rest of us scratching our heads. We love inside jokes. We love non-funny jokes. Hell, your conversation doesn't even have to be funny, so long as you think it's interesting and you are having fun. Fun, is the word of the day, kids!

So ... who are the brilliant people who came up with this community? We throw ourselves down to you, for this community has made my conversation posting life complete!

Haha, we are two rockin' gals that go by the names of Mal [missmal] and Steph [sunshinesforyou]! So, just a few last words and then we'll kindly hold our peace - please abide by the above rules. Oh, and hint hint, go tell all of your friends about this place! *nudge*