Dickie (dickies) wrote in we_are_funny,

and that is why the women love me haha jk

conversation between me and my sis

DesertWarrior81: god you're such a freaking loser! you're home on a friday night!
j: you are too and i've been working for the last two days in a roll
j: *row
DesertWarrior81: shut up i'mjust messing with you since we're both at home chatting on this thing
DesertWarrior81: what did i hit a sore spot?
DesertWarrior81: what's baboso?
j: lol no ...... but i am still deciding if i want to go out tonight
DesertWarrior81: yeah same here
j: i'm leaning towards no i think lol
DesertWarrior81: haven't made up my ming
DesertWarrior81: yeah.. i was thinking it would be great if i just did my homework or perhaps watch another movie that i rented
j: ming? lol j/k
DesertWarrior81: yeah ming! you haven't heard about ming yet? god you are so not cool! i can't believe you didn't get the memo! ming its like the cool new hip way to say mind
j: stfu!!! you are a dork!!
DesertWarrior81: haha
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