Dickie (dickies) wrote in we_are_funny,

The Gecko

hey so did you ever receive that text message that says

"Hey i just found out someone you slept with has AIDS. but don't worry...."

followed by the second message that reads,

"But the good news is i just saved 15% by switching to geiko!"

anyways i got that message a few weeks back only i got the second message first and the first message second, it kinda ruined it for me.

anyways. i decided to send it to a few friends, i sent it to at least 4 or 5 friends..

so right now, a few weeks later, my buddy "N" calls me like twice and my phone is on vibrate, so i miss the call. he leaves me a message on the second message. He sounded hysterical, you know heavy breathing, sense of urgency... you know.

i wondered what could be wrong and called him back.

N: Hi
Me: Hey N, did you call? (i thought he had some troubling news)
N: .. dude do you remember,... do you remember that text message with rather troubling news on it?
Me: it clicked almost immediately, and i was like didn't you get the second message? it was a joke, the second message was " but don't worry i just saved 15% by switching to geiko. ( i was laughing and he was still freaked out but could hear the sigh of relief) "i'm sorry bro"
N:*sighs* phew dude i was getting ready to get tested, i called someone. told them i found out from a friend. and then there was this girl, a while back and i couldn't remember her name.
Me: dude i'm so sorry.

then we talked about some other stuff

and every once and awhile he was like dude i was so freaked out.

and then i said laters dude, and he was like dude i was freaking out, i'm sorry bro. and he was soo relieved. he wasn't too mad just freaked out. i was like dude didn't you get the second message. haha

oh well.
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It may just be my evil streak but that was AWESOME.
yeah tell that to my friend. haha