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MalSetsFire: ... can a test even BE three and a half hours?
MalSetsFire: isn't that ... like illegal or something?
SPICE4784: mallory
SPICE4784: this final was
SPICE4784: ::dies::
SPICE4784: it was only 9 problems
SPICE4784: most of the time we have a test..
SPICE4784: people are out of there a 7 or 7:30..
SPICE4784: everyone is gone by 8
SPICE4784: 8:30 rolls around tonight...
SPICE4784: not one person had left
SPICE4784: i was there til 9:30!
SPICE4784: 9 fucking thirty!
SPICE4784: and there was STILL people in there
MalSetsFire: that's so ... ew.
SPICE4784: you're tellin' me!
SPICE4784: im such a punk though
SPICE4784: like everytime i moved onto a new problem
SPICE4784: i was like "ohhhhhhhh god..."
SPICE4784: i'm sure people got annoyed with that
SPICE4784: and i kept like yelling out of frustration
MalSetsFire: i'm sure people laughed
SPICE4784: and BIO!
SPICE4784: bio was brutal too
SPICE4784: yeah they did
MalSetsFire: any noises in bio?
SPICE4784: hahaha
SPICE4784: i banged on the desk once..
SPICE4784: and i kept looking around the room making disgusted faces at people
SPICE4784: and every time i made eye contact with dr d i shook my head at him in disgust
MalSetsFire: hahahahaha
SPICE4784: precisely
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i don't know i picture her as a nervous wreck, sweat rolling down her eyebrow, with her head sunk low, and she jitters as she looks around the class, stacatto like... with the type of hearing (at least at that moment) that was like she could hear each and every individual scratch of pencil to paper and every page turn... that's the setting i imagine.