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we're funny, or at least pretend to be.

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GOT to HAVE it [ 02.14.10 09:34 pm ]

Commenting on my sister's "kids" on a wall post on facebook.
Richard Anthony Campos LOL and since when do you got kids?!
Lil sis: Kids what?!
Me: Children: Mayra Alejandra Alvarez (And btw, you're a horrible parent, not even knowing your kids!)
Friend of other sis who decided to butt in: Richard, the correct term is "have kids". LOL jk =D
Me: GET this April, No one asked for you input! GOT it? Now GET going while the GETTINGS good! GOT it?!
April: lol yea yea. It's "HAVE". LOL
Me: Let me try it again, HAVE this April, No one asked you for your input! HAVE it? Now HAVE going while the HAVINGS good! HAVE it?!.... Nope, obviously, you need to revisit who taught you to spoke english.
April: LMAO. Boy, that sea air is doing wonders for you!
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A-head [ 12.04.09 01:00 am ]


anyways, my point over the 'in 2000,' and 'in 2001,' comments is that i have a high pain tolerance so for all I know is I should be in pain cause of my back but am not.

anyways, i don't know if you know this or not, but I'm practically Superman.... with Batman like qualities.

oh i see well just becareful with your back. it is a difficult thing to fix and heal

yup you only get one spinal cord.


only one? dang i thought they were replaceable

well i mean, i hear they will begin to sell them at Wal-mart pretty soon, but the problem with them is that they will be made in china.

china is still using lead based paints to paint their cords...

so then americans will undergo a shortening of body length


i think that's how they get their squinty eyes...

lead based then we will become retarded. that sounds like a governmental plot to get ahead

no no no, the chinese are gonna keep the heads. they are only mass producing the spinal cords. keep up now. jk

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The Wii Brings The Funny ... [ 05.02.08 09:11 pm ]

At least to me. Conversations that have sprung up as consequences of the gaming turning ugly.

Chris (after ruining Shaun's golf shot): Hey, 'member when you were so close? What happened?

Chris (lamenting on options after Shaun started to retaliate): Might have to now that there are two of us swinging for me.

Chris (after Shaun pulled off one of those miraculous, ridiculously fast Wii tennis swings): Dude, what just happened? Since when do you have a 80 mile an hour serve?

Ooookay, those are ALL you-had-to-be-there but, as stated in the userinfo, that's acceptable as it is funny to moi!
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[ 09.28.06 01:03 am ]

ME (12:51:21 AM): go to sleep :-P

her (12:51:28 AM): studying

ME (12:51:53 AM): oh ok... test tomorrow on what?

her (12:53:30 AM): 2 tests

ME (12:54:01 AM): oh well good luck on both of these unnamed tests
ME (12:54:05 AM): :-D

her (12:55:36 AM): geology and animal science

ME (12:56:51 AM): well good luck and just remember puppies are cool and lions are the king of the jungle but you can scare both lions and puppies with rocks. ;-)

her (12:57:28 AM): hahaha
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and that is why the women love me haha jk [ 10.07.05 09:23 pm ]

conversation between me and my sis

DesertWarrior81: god you're such a freaking loser! you're home on a friday night!
j: you are too and i've been working for the last two days in a roll
j: *row
DesertWarrior81: shut up i'mjust messing with you since we're both at home chatting on this thing
DesertWarrior81: what did i hit a sore spot?
DesertWarrior81: what's baboso?
j: lol no ...... but i am still deciding if i want to go out tonight
DesertWarrior81: yeah same here
j: i'm leaning towards no i think lol
DesertWarrior81: haven't made up my ming
DesertWarrior81: yeah.. i was thinking it would be great if i just did my homework or perhaps watch another movie that i rented
j: ming? lol j/k
DesertWarrior81: yeah ming! you haven't heard about ming yet? god you are so not cool! i can't believe you didn't get the memo! ming its like the cool new hip way to say mind
j: stfu!!! you are a dork!!
DesertWarrior81: haha
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The Gecko [ 09.25.05 04:14 pm ]

hey so did you ever receive that text message that says

"Hey i just found out someone you slept with has AIDS. but don't worry...."

followed by the second message that reads,

"But the good news is i just saved 15% by switching to geiko!"

anyways i got that message a few weeks back only i got the second message first and the first message second, it kinda ruined it for me.

anyways. i decided to send it to a few friends, i sent it to at least 4 or 5 friends..

so right now, a few weeks later, my buddy "N" calls me like twice and my phone is on vibrate, so i miss the call. he leaves me a message on the second message. He sounded hysterical, you know heavy breathing, sense of urgency... you know.

i wondered what could be wrong and called him back.

N: Hi
Me: Hey N, did you call? (i thought he had some troubling news)
N: .. dude do you remember,... do you remember that text message with rather troubling news on it?
Me: it clicked almost immediately, and i was like didn't you get the second message? it was a joke, the second message was " but don't worry i just saved 15% by switching to geiko. ( i was laughing and he was still freaked out but could hear the sigh of relief) "i'm sorry bro"
N:*sighs* phew dude i was getting ready to get tested, i called someone. told them i found out from a friend. and then there was this girl, a while back and i couldn't remember her name.
Me: dude i'm so sorry.

then we talked about some other stuff

and every once and awhile he was like dude i was so freaked out.

and then i said laters dude, and he was like dude i was freaking out, i'm sorry bro. and he was soo relieved. he wasn't too mad just freaked out. i was like dude didn't you get the second message. haha

oh well.
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This one is for the homeboys [ 03.04.05 02:50 pm ]

so yesterday i was sitting with sophie, jackie, shannon, andrea, and rose. so yeah blah blah blah towards the end of the conversation or whatnot the question about what the tear drop tattoo under the eye stood for and the three dots stood for. i think me being the only guy kinda left the answer to me or something. so yeah i told them tear drop, a homeboy died and its their honor, and the three dots is just gang affilliation, jackie answered back, i thought the tear drop was for killing someone, so i did a large multi text to a ton of my ghetto friends (joking if you people should ever read this) or at least friends that grew up near the ghetto and this is what they had to say...

Eric- killed someone, why you want to get one?
Kim- have no idea but it sounds gangsta
brenda- tear is for losing a homie. 3 4 is a gang
Gabe- I have no clue rich, i don't even think i know what you are talking about
Ruby- i don't know that you killed 34 people?
Rakishi- The tear drop means they got a life sentence. the numbers mean the organization they belong to ie
the ch. of the mex mafia. Who is this?
Ralph- U killed somebody in prison. Three? three drops prolly means 3 peeps; and you say you grew up in
the ghetto

So there you have it, The world may never know.
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i was in phoenix working and.... [ 01.04.05 06:51 pm ]

funny thing happened while i was there. i was in the shop helping customers and i commented on some new mix that was done on a good song which i thought sucked now. anyways the lady to whom i commented to about the song was a mother in her late 30s and by no means looked good for her age. anyways she just looked at me and was like you probably just don't know how to move your hips. and said she wanted to see me dance to disprove her.

i was like nah its alright

then she circled behind me like a shark to its prey and grabbed me by the hips. naturally i jumped and turned to her with my hands held in front as to say woah!

she kept insisting, her daughter was embarrassed and her husband(maybe her brother) had just returned from the restroom and was now seated outside the shop watching this. she kept pouncing on me as her eyes devoured me. and insisted i dance for her if she were to buy the shirt.

I informed the lady, ma'am i do not work on commission so you will be unable to persuade me and stood my ground and she just moved forward and grabbed my hips again. my brother in law (my boss) was laughing like a hygena who's just found its way. i jumped away like an amateur matador with the words O'le rolling off my lips three seconds too late.

she again persisted i dance for her, like a used car salesman who just won't hear no.

Ole' i say and jumped behind the counter and said hey bro help me out, and then she glanced at him and before anythoughts or words were muttered, my bro-in-law says i'm married! then she looked back at my hand and again persisted!

she put the shirt down and said she was going to walk out unless i dance with a glare right at my bro-in-law. and so he said dance.

*lightbulb* i looked at her daughter, who was red in the face, and i asked, "do you really want this shirt?" she looked up and said yes with eyes filled with disbelief, (had mom really convinced this guy to dance?) and a smile filled with hope (mom is my hero).

i turned to her mom with a grin on her face and said, "how can you disappoint a daughter like that?"

she looked at her daughter and new she was bestest by a kid with no rythm in a mall store in phoenix. she made another plea but yet this time felt small, as i said, "i will not dance for you, not here, not at all"

i told her the total and she paid quickly, with her nose pointed low in a mall store in phoenix.

though it didn't end, later that day she came back and made a final plea. you will dance for me christmas eve or i definitely not buy a thing from you. i will be back to pick up three shirts and i expect a dance from you. knowing she would not leave until i agreed, i quickly said yes with a "Hah! i will not be here christmas eve" in my head!
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test guessing tips [ 12.02.04 12:43 am ]

a conversation which might save you next week during your finals..
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don't read unless you want to hear my political beliefs [ 10.31.04 03:49 am ]

esertWarrior81: so have you voted?
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She is beautiful... [ 10.24.04 04:23 am ]

An incredible long 4 hour conversation
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Hey Mal you still exist? [ 10.13.04 01:49 am ]

ok this needs an intro... i was just talking with one of my sister's friends april.

breatheNOmore01: Jesse is really shy, huh?
DesertWarrior81: i'm confused?
breatheNOmore01: the guy u were at the game with?
DesertWarrior81: oh.. i don't know
DesertWarrior81: why you crushing on him now lol
breatheNOmore01: LMAO no!
breatheNOmore01: but he seemed it...like that girl was gonna bite off his head or something
DesertWarrior81: what?
DesertWarrior81: you're losing me
breatheNOmore01: um the girl that was sitting by us at the game...the girl they said was flirting with him....he got all scared
DesertWarrior81: i just don't think he was attracted to her.. shit i would've acted the same way if everyone was picking on me
breatheNOmore01: haha
breatheNOmore01: Corina kept asking me if he was gay. LMAO
DesertWarrior81: not that i know of
breatheNOmore01: lol
DesertWarrior81: doesn't seem like it
DesertWarrior81: he flirts with alot of chicks
breatheNOmore01: i didn't even remember him...
breatheNOmore01: until i started looking at him and thinking "hmm he kinda looks familiar"
DesertWarrior81: ok i'm going to go.. i can't take all this fucking girl talk its making me sick
breatheNOmore01: =-O
DesertWarrior81: i will let jessie know you like him
DesertWarrior81: lol
breatheNOmore01: WHAT! LMAO....ew no!
DesertWarrior81: right.
DesertWarrior81: why else would you be talking about him for so long
breatheNOmore01: your sister was supposed to spend the night tonight, so tell her..
breatheNOmore01: omg, no Richard, i dont like him
breatheNOmore01: LMAO
breatheNOmore01: Man..i was just talking about the other night..cuz u were there and i was there...damn
breatheNOmore01: lol
DesertWarrior81: lol you were talking about jessie like i cared if he was shy or not or this or that.. its making me sick
breatheNOmore01: jeez what is fuckin wrong with guys?!
breatheNOmore01 signed off at 1:44:11 AM

what do you think about the conversation?
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dude ... [ 10.11.04 03:20 am ]

christopher reeves just died... long live superman.
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joke [ 08.26.04 12:02 pm ]

so there were the muffins in a tray in an oven. And the oven getting hotter. And one muffin turns to another and says "Say, it's getting pretty hot in her, you think?" And the other muffin looks at the first muffin, points, and says "AHHHHHH TALKING MUFFIN!!!!!!!!!"
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NO MORE FINALS!!! [ 06.02.04 10:17 pm ]

[ mood | cheerful ]

MalSetsFire: ... can a test even BE three and a half hours?
MalSetsFire: isn't that ... like illegal or something?
SPICE4784: mallory
SPICE4784: this final was
SPICE4784: ::dies::
SPICE4784: it was only 9 problems
SPICE4784: most of the time we have a test..
SPICE4784: people are out of there a 7 or 7:30..
SPICE4784: everyone is gone by 8
SPICE4784: 8:30 rolls around tonight...
SPICE4784: not one person had left
SPICE4784: i was there til 9:30!
SPICE4784: 9 fucking thirty!
SPICE4784: and there was STILL people in there
MalSetsFire: that's so ... ew.
SPICE4784: you're tellin' me!
SPICE4784: im such a punk though
SPICE4784: like everytime i moved onto a new problem
SPICE4784: i was like "ohhhhhhhh god..."
SPICE4784: i'm sure people got annoyed with that
SPICE4784: and i kept like yelling out of frustration
MalSetsFire: i'm sure people laughed
SPICE4784: and BIO!
SPICE4784: bio was brutal too
SPICE4784: yeah they did
MalSetsFire: any noises in bio?
SPICE4784: hahaha
SPICE4784: i banged on the desk once..
SPICE4784: and i kept looking around the room making disgusted faces at people
SPICE4784: and every time i made eye contact with dr d i shook my head at him in disgust
MalSetsFire: hahahahaha
SPICE4784: precisely

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for the easily amused, really [ 04.20.04 12:01 am ]

[ mood | tired ]

i'm fakeClonedMonkey. this is my first post here. hi. ummm i don't know what else to say. here.

bluerose0515: i hate all the pics and crap in your xanga
fakeClonedMonkey: ok read it
bluerose0515: lol j/k
fakeClonedMonkey: shut up
fakeClonedMonkey: its davey
fakeClonedMonkey: the hottest man alive
fakeClonedMonkey: hottest man-girl alive LOL
fakeClonedMonkey: no actually man-girl is the guy in the darkness
fakeClonedMonkey: davey is like the adopted sister
bluerose0515: lol

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[ 04.16.04 04:39 pm ]

Oh hi. New name again. Bah.

Leave it to them to try to seperate the only good thing we could ever succeed that was what it was all about all along ... says:
uR cRaZy
Undo what heredities done to you. says:
lol0rz!!1!!!one one!111!!!
Leave it to them to try to seperate the only good thing we could ever succeed that was what it was all about all along ... says:
oMg i CaNt bEliEvE tHaT!!
Leave it to them to try to seperate the only good thing we could ever succeed that was what it was all about all along ... says:
can i ask you why people type like that?
Leave it to them to try to seperate the only good thing we could ever succeed that was what it was all about all along ... says:
it takes me 10 minutes to type a sentence that way.
Undo what heredities done to you. says:
Can I tell you it's because they're mental?
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as a mod, i suppose i should post! [ 04.08.04 10:31 pm ]

[ mood | geeky ]

MalSetsFire: and we warned me because ... why?
This is Jil: accident
This is Jil: i was trying to click the window for writting stuff
This is Jil: whaT?!
MalSetsFire: i have never before been warned!
This is Jil: GEEZ
This is Jil: ACCIDENT
MalSetsFire: DIE EVIL ONE.
This is Jil: haha
MalSetsFire: *hits you with a rotten fish*
This is Jil: ewwww!
This is Jil: gross
MalSetsFire: oh yeah
MalSetsFire: i'm good.
This is Jil: ::squirts maggott infested rotten fish eggs ffrom the fish by wringing the head and tail in oppisite directions:::
This is Jil: BOO YAH!
MalSetsFire: yeah. i don't know that i'll be beating that ... then again, i don't know that i want to.
This is Jil: it took awhile but....oooo. it burns
MalSetsFire: *shudders* ew.
This is Jil: haha
MalSetsFire: i feel dirty now.
This is Jil: i love you Mal
This is Jil: haha
MalSetsFire: aww, i love my jilly too!
This is Jil: ::mr. clean stops by and cleans you with the scrubbing bubbles::
MalSetsFire: now you see ...
MalSetsFire: THAT'S friendship RIGHT there.

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*Mod Post* Dude ... I feel so powerful while saying that. Mwahaha. [ 03.19.04 10:58 pm ]

[ mood | accomplished ]

New layout ... we all like, yes?!
Actually, it's all blah grey boring for now - so I need some community feedback about what color schemes you guys like.

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[ 02.21.04 04:16 pm ]

seriously_i_should_start_my_homework_now_and_quit_chattingCollapse )
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