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This one is for the homeboys

so yesterday i was sitting with sophie, jackie, shannon, andrea, and rose. so yeah blah blah blah towards the end of the conversation or whatnot the question about what the tear drop tattoo under the eye stood for and the three dots stood for. i think me being the only guy kinda left the answer to me or something. so yeah i told them tear drop, a homeboy died and its their honor, and the three dots is just gang affilliation, jackie answered back, i thought the tear drop was for killing someone, so i did a large multi text to a ton of my ghetto friends (joking if you people should ever read this) or at least friends that grew up near the ghetto and this is what they had to say...

Eric- killed someone, why you want to get one?
Kim- have no idea but it sounds gangsta
brenda- tear is for losing a homie. 3 4 is a gang
Gabe- I have no clue rich, i don't even think i know what you are talking about
Ruby- i don't know that you killed 34 people?
Rakishi- The tear drop means they got a life sentence. the numbers mean the organization they belong to ie
the ch. of the mex mafia. Who is this?
Ralph- U killed somebody in prison. Three? three drops prolly means 3 peeps; and you say you grew up in
the ghetto

So there you have it, The world may never know.
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