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test guessing tips

a conversation which might save you next week during your finals..

Truck Shmuck: so i have an exam tomorrow right.... u have any fool proof plans of guessing on multiple choice portions
Truck Shmuck: ?
Truck Shmuck: lol
esertWarrior81: lol what's it on?
Truck Shmuck: economics
Truck Shmuck: 251
esertWarrior81: eee i haven't taken it... but one thing to look for are questions in the test that answer other questions, statistically speaking most likely you will not have 3 of the same answers in a row, and well did you go to the lectures
Truck Shmuck: yea most of em
esertWarrior81: ok then besides educated guesses, you can guess an answer one of two ways,
1. go with your gut
2. pick the longer answer.
esertWarrior81: of course don't pick the long answer if its obviously wrong.
Truck Shmuck: yea, so longer answers are more often right?
esertWarrior81: well its a testing strategy i learned in elementary that worked really well with standardized tests.
esertWarrior81: also but definitely not in college but with standardized tests all your answer choices are equal throughout the test.
Truck Shmuck: huh?
esertWarrior81: say you had 12As 15 Bs 16Cs 13Ds then that would mean that you take the average and you should statistically have 14 As, 14Bs, 14Cs and 14Ds
Truck Shmuck: hmmm interesting
esertWarrior81: but i warn that usually only works with standardized tests, like the SATs and ACTs
Truck Shmuck: oh ok i see
Truck Shmuck: lol so for tomorrow that most likely wont work haha
esertWarrior81: but with college professors won't count to make sure so its really worthless to try and do that
esertWarrior81: yea
Truck Shmuck: oh ok
esertWarrior81: do you have any more homework? how much time does it take you to review your notes? how many classes before your test do you have and do you have any breaks?
Truck Shmuck: hmm nah no hw, itll take me a while to really absorb all the info, one class before the test, and nope no breaks
esertWarrior81: i didn't ask how long to absorb the info
esertWarrior81: i said how long to read over your notes
Truck Shmuck: hmmm, maybe 30 min for all of em
esertWarrior81: what time is your first class and what time is test?
Truck Shmuck: first class is 855, test is 1020
esertWarrior81: ok, read your notes really well right now. take a quick break, skim through your notes and then go to sleep. wake up and get to school about half an hour before your first class, read through your notes, go to class and on your way to your test skim through the info you're having trouble remembering
esertWarrior81: take the test circle answers or whatever and put a question mark next to anything you're not sure of.
Truck Shmuck: alright
esertWarrior81: the ones you're not sure of go with your gut
esertWarrior81: and if you have nothing go with one that makes most sense or that is the longest
Truck Shmuck: gotcha
esertWarrior81: then after test go back really quickly and see all the answers you put a question mark next to and see if you now know the answer cause something in the test jogged your memory.
esertWarrior81: that's all i can really suggest
Truck Shmuck: alright that sounds good
esertWarrior81: that's how i guess and cram lol
esertWarrior81: but yeah get to studying.
Truck Shmuck: yea
Truck Shmuck: alright will do
Truck Shmuck: thanks man
esertWarrior81: laters and good luck, hey let me know how it goes
Truck Shmuck: thanks, will do
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