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don't read unless you want to hear my political beliefs

esertWarrior81: so have you voted?

CaBeAr: yes
esertWarrior81: who for?
CaBeAr: bush
esertWarrior81: really?
CaBeAr: is gay....lol so kerry took my vote
esertWarrior81: well at least you're in texas
CaBeAr: :-\
esertWarrior81: eitherway we have like 2 days till election day and three days till the 3rd.... so close to ending.
CaBeAr: i know. im nervoud
CaBeAr: *nervous
CaBeAr: but i have a terrible feeling bush is going to win
esertWarrior81: i'll tell you one i will be upset if kerry wins but i won't rub it in when bush does.
esertWarrior81: one thing*
CaBeAr: cuz he freaking cheated
esertWarrior81: oh my god!!! don't even start! majority of voters haven't even voted! just like a liberal!
esertWarrior81: that's so wrong
CaBeAr: thats so true
esertWarrior81: do you even realize how many intelligence agencies and how many lawyers are at each poll and also how many secret voters?
CaBeAr: i hate bush
CaBeAr: do u realize how much power bush has and he will stop at nothing to win
esertWarrior81: i don't even understand why you hate him.. he is going to go down in history as one of the best presidents america has ever had, i mean how many us presidents have ever been nominated for the nobel peace prize?

come on... do you have no faith in the all the poll watchers across the nation do you not believe all these old people are going to do an honest job? are you kidding me if anything i should be worried because in 2000 numerous straight ticket republican votes were recorded as democrat votes..
esertWarrior81: and the straight ticket votes were in NM i am referring to
CaBeAr: hahah he will go down in history as the only president that lost jobs in america... the president that misled his country in a war
CaBeAr: the president who started a war that is costing at lease 1 million dollars a week
CaBeAr: way more than vietnam and for what???
esertWarrior81: oh please, like the actions that occured on september 11th on various prestigious financial institutes had no effect on the economy. like the recession that clinton left had no effect on the economy? a president who led and with the support of various intelligence agencies behind him from numerous nations as well as numerous democratic leadership such as john kerry himself to war?

oh yeah but in the 1950s and 1960s you could buy a soda pop for a dime! what's your point?
CaBeAr: kery can admit he's made mistake when has bush ever admitted to his wrong doing?? i just really hate his cocky ass
esertWarrior81: was it wrong to free people from an oppressive dictator much of the likes of hitler?
CaBeAr: even osama bin laden himself says bush has mislead us
CaBeAr: nah bs its all about the oil
esertWarrior81: oh please you did not just side with osama bin laden
CaBeAr: he started this war saying he was going to go after the people who attacked us... but he was quick to forget binladen
CaBeAr: im not siding with him im just saying he says it too
esertWarrior81: oh please that's why i'm paying 1.90 a gallon for oil.... yea says the supporter for john kerry who believes raising the price of gas by 50cents a gallon is a good idea
esertWarrior81: he never forgot about bin laden... i'm sure if we went after bin laden you would have a spasm because we would be forced to attack pakistan
CaBeAr: no its just like... he tried for like what two weeks and then i never heard anythign again about bin laden.. what about protecting the country u run...the mastermind of a huge attack against america is still nowhern to be found but we are "freeing the opressed"
esertWarrior81: oh please, did you just not read the last statement? bin laden is most likely hiding in the tribal regions in pakistan... pakistan is trying to obtain control of those regions and bin laden will be brought to justice, nobody forgets bin laden. and yes we are freeing the oppressed
esertWarrior81: the american military will leave iraq whenever the iraqi government asks us to.
CaBeAr: noone is ever going to win this arguement u know that right
CaBeAr: we are both set on our beliefs.. and they are obviosly very differnt
esertWarrior81: i'm not trying to win. i'm simply providing facts aganist your jibber jab
CaBeAr: =-O
CaBeAr: go ahead and vote for the 'best president in history" but its a big mistake... i think hes a terrbile man and i dont trust him at alll something about him gives me the hibegibies
esertWarrior81: i never said he was the best president in history
esertWarrior81: and i voted weeks ago
CaBeAr: welll im goign to go to bed
CaBeAr: this debate drained me
CaBeAr: jk
esertWarrior81: goodnight.
CaBeAr: sweet dreams
esertWarrior81: you too dream of the thousands of innocent kurdish people who have died from gassing alone as a result of saddam hussein
CaBeAr: ha be nice
CaBeAr: night
esertWarrior81: honestly i dont' give a shit about the WMDs before 9/11 i wanted to go into iraq and i would've for the soul reason
esertWarrior81: of taking saddam hussein out of power for the cruelty he bestowed on his people
esertWarrior81: goodnight
CaBeAr signed off at 3:44:05 AM.
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