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She is beautiful...

An incredible long 4 hour conversation

DesertWarrior81: hey
DesertWarrior81: what you been up to?
missywinnie1: hey there
missywinnie1: I thought you were going out
DesertWarrior81: i was but like i didn't
missywinnie1: ... I actually went to play some pool, I decided to go
DesertWarrior81: went with my dad to get chile's to go had ribs and such
DesertWarrior81: and rented some movies
DesertWarrior81: did you barely get back?
missywinnie1: yes
missywinnie1: it was so much fun
missywinnie1: seriously
DesertWarrior81: wow... dude i should've gone out ugh
DesertWarrior81: oh well
DesertWarrior81: who did you go with
missywinnie1: I know........ if i knew you didnt went
missywinnie1: myself
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: you went by yourself?
missywinnie1: but i played with some people that where there
missywinnie1: yes
missywinnie1: myself
DesertWarrior81: well glad you had a good time
DesertWarrior81: meet anyone
missywinnie1: no, nothing interesting
missywinnie1: nice guys though... they offered me their pool table
DesertWarrior81: awesome
missywinnie1: yep....
missywinnie1: I felt I was at a club
missywinnie1: they had this very cool lighting, music
missywinnie1: neon stuff
DesertWarrior81: awesome
DesertWarrior81: dude cool
missywinnie1: lol, dude???
DesertWarrior81: lol yea i say dude alot... how about babe
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: I prefer dude
missywinnie1: that is cool with me
DesertWarrior81: ok good cause that would've felt weird lol
missywinnie1: definetly
missywinnie1: so did you finished cleaning your room
DesertWarrior81: err... ummm... ummm... yeah i picked up a bit..
missywinnie1: lol, I knew it
DesertWarrior81: add me to your MSN
missywinnie1: nobody is that talented
missywinnie1: to chat and then clean a room , and then do laundry
DesertWarrior81: oh yeah laundry lol
missywinnie1: what is your nick???
missywinnie1: you totally forgot about the laundry
DesertWarrior81: DesertWarrior81@hotmail.com
DesertWarrior81: X
missywinnie1: there you go
DesertWarrior81: sending you the kanye west song
DesertWarrior81: jesus walks
missywinnie1: ok, im gonna accept it..... but my computer may freeze, just so you know
DesertWarrior81: ok
DesertWarrior81: wow that's gonna take awhile
missywinnie1: lol, thats cool, Im pretty patient
DesertWarrior81: yea... its the music video
missywinnie1: oh
missywinnie1: cool
missywinnie1: so, what kind of music do you likle
missywinnie1: like
missywinnie1: I bet you like the backstreeboys, nsync
DesertWarrior81: lol no i don't like that gay shit jk lol
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: look at my profile on myspace i just updated it with all the music stuff
missywinnie1: allright let me check
DesertWarrior81: i'm curious what's with winnie?
missywinnie1: that is my nickname....... everyone in my family and my friends call me winnie
missywinnie1: you know who winnie is right???
DesertWarrior81: yeah wonder years
missywinnie1: yep
missywinnie1: so do you know if they have any photography major over in NMSU
DesertWarrior81: i believe so
DesertWarrior81: you want to go NMSU now?
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: isnt that ironic
DesertWarrior81: i'll find out in about three or so minutes
missywinnie1: oh thank you
DesertWarrior81: DEGREE: Bachelor of Arts
MAJOR: Journalism and Mass Communications

Study in Journalism and Mass Communications prepares students for careers in mass media, including print, broadcasting, advertising, public relations and photojournalism. The curriculum emphasizes the skills of gathering, evaluating and disseminating of information and related skills. Students also are instructed in the theory, law, history and professional guidelines of mass media. The program is nationally accredited by the Accrediting Council for Education in Journalism and Mass Communications (ACEJMC).

Students are required to complete a 12-hour core of courses, pass a language-skills examination and then complete an additional 24­27 hours of courses in the department, bringing the allowable maximum to 39 hours. Students must complete at least 89 hours of courses outside the department, and must have at least 65 hours of credit in the liberal arts and sciences. An 18-credit minor in the department is available to students majoring in other fields.

DesertWarrior81: closest they got
missywinnie1: oh.... thank you so much
missywinnie1: how far is NMSU from el paso
DesertWarrior81: from where you live
DesertWarrior81: by hanks?
DesertWarrior81: what freeway exit you take
missywinnie1: lee trevino
DesertWarrior81: about an hour to about an hour and 15 minutes
DesertWarrior81: i drive 45 minutes every morning
missywinnie1: whoa, that is a lot
DesertWarrior81: yea...
DesertWarrior81: so ya you'd drive about an extra 15 to 30 minutes more then me everyday
DesertWarrior81: nmsu.edu
DesertWarrior81: http://nmsu.edu
missywinnie1: thank you, you are the nicest person
DesertWarrior81: it ain't no thang
missywinnie1: would you ever sky dive, or bungee jump???
DesertWarrior81: yea
missywinnie1: cool
DesertWarrior81: i would do it... but i would be incredibly nervous
missywinnie1: I know, id be up there and go like....... never mind put me down again, and so on
DesertWarrior81: i think bungee jump i would be more fearful of then sky diving
missywinnie1: really???
missywinnie1: why?
DesertWarrior81: yeah.. the whole idea of the bungee cord all of a sudden pulling me... *SNAP!* and back up
DesertWarrior81: with the free fall i don't see it as being as big of a deal
missywinnie1: well at least you know something is gonna pull you, I think is more secure than sky diving
missywinnie1: I'd be more afraid to sky dive big time
DesertWarrior81: i wouldn't i think i wouldn't have a problem jumping out of the plane..
DesertWarrior81: just the idea of *SNAP!* and my body get stretched and pulled back and ugh
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: cool
DesertWarrior81: did you see my music preferences?
missywinnie1: Im checking that out right now
DesertWarrior81: but yea i didn't include everything on there i like a ton of stuff
missywinnie1: you basically like all kinds of music
DesertWarrior81: yeah
missywinnie1: you really like Joan Sebastian???
DesertWarrior81: johann sebastian Bach
missywinnie1: ooooooooooh, ok
DesertWarrior81: of course i like bach and amadeus and classical i used to play the violin
missywinnie1: there is this mexican singer..... I dont know if youve heard of him......... i thoght it was pretty weird
DesertWarrior81: oh no different guy
missywinnie1: that is so cool, Ive always wanted to play the violin or the chelo
missywinnie1: such cool instruments
missywinnie1: do you like Chopin?
DesertWarrior81: yeah they're pretty cool
DesertWarrior81: never been to chopins
missywinnie1: Chopin is a composer
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: just like Mozart, schubert
DesertWarrior81: oh wait i was thinking about chope;s
DesertWarrior81: i think i probably do ... can't think of who it is right now
missywinnie1: lol, that was funny
DesertWarrior81: hey listen to the song dude
DesertWarrior81: you just got it
missywinnie1: yep, let me hear it
missywinnie1: hey, very neat
DesertWarrior81: i like it
missywinnie1: i really liked it, I didnt know there were songs like this
DesertWarrior81: what do you mean
DesertWarrior81: like christian songs with a beat?
missywinnie1: yeah
missywinnie1: exactly
DesertWarrior81: yeah there are some
missywinnie1: cool
missywinnie1: the video was cool too
DesertWarrior81: yea i like it
DesertWarrior81: evanescence has a good song too
DesertWarrior81: i'm sure you heard but didn't even realize it was a christian song
missywinnie1: actually, i did realize
missywinnie1: I really like one of their songs....... I just dont know what is called
DesertWarrior81: its called...
DesertWarrior81: bring me to life
missywinnie1: how do you know which song it is?
DesertWarrior81: i have it
DesertWarrior81: i just put it on when i mentioned it
missywinnie1: oh.... ok
DesertWarrior81: if you want to hear it
DesertWarrior81: just transfer it
missywinnie1: yes, thanks
missywinnie1: You know what I really remember about you???
DesertWarrior81: what's that?
missywinnie1: you ran so fast, and just finish that damn mile so quick
DesertWarrior81: hah. lol
missywinnie1: I did like 20 minutes to finish it, and you'd do it in like6
DesertWarrior81: dude i so need to get back in that type of shape... just so hard to do it with school.. i don't have time
DesertWarrior81: fastest mile i ever ran was 5minutes 10 seconds
DesertWarrior81: is that the right song?
missywinnie1: no, that's not it
missywinnie1: I cant remember what it talked about, I just liked it
DesertWarrior81: maybe its that one
DesertWarrior81: does it have alot of piano?
missywinnie1: I think so
missywinnie1: let me check it out
DesertWarrior81: did i have you in PE?
missywinnie1: I clearly remember the video though
missywinnie1: yes
missywinnie1: Mrs. francis... Mrs peanut head
missywinnie1: thats what she used to called us right??
DesertWarrior81: Ms. Francis was awesome..
DesertWarrior81: oh yeah lol
DesertWarrior81: peanut heads lol
missywinnie1: yes, the coolest teacher ever
DesertWarrior81: that it?
missywinnie1: this is one of them
missywinnie1: but not the one im talking about
missywinnie1: have you seen the evanescence videos???
DesertWarrior81: yea.. some.
missywinnie1: its the one where the girl is in a tub
DesertWarrior81: i don't know if i've seen that one but this is another hit
missywinnie1: I like this song..... my immortal...
missywinnie1: this is it
DesertWarrior81: that's the one
missywinnie1: si
DesertWarrior81: awesome.
DesertWarrior81: anyother request while i'm sending you music?
missywinnie1: well..... now that you mention it
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: maybe i have it maybe i don't
missywinnie1: na, just kidding.........
missywinnie1: thanks anyway
DesertWarrior81: you sure?
DesertWarrior81: i even got thalia and mana and other stuff
missywinnie1: I cant think of any song right now
missywinnie1: let me think
missywinnie1: do you have cafe tacuba???
DesertWarrior81: never heard of them so probably not
missywinnie1: they are kind of like mana
missywinnie1: what do you have from thalia?
DesertWarrior81: i have her greatest songs remixed CD
missywinnie1: do you like thalia??
DesertWarrior81: i like piel morena
DesertWarrior81: i don't know her other songs
missywinnie1: sangre is pretty cool
missywinnie1: but you dont have that one do you???
DesertWarrior81: nope.
missywinnie1: lol, send me something you like, really like
DesertWarrior81: from who?
missywinnie1: I dont know, surprise me, you choose... Something you could hear over and over again
DesertWarrior81: lol
DesertWarrior81: um i probably couldn't hear anything over and over again
DesertWarrior81: lol
DesertWarrior81: but i'll send you something really interesting you've probably never heard before
missywinnie1: ok.......
DesertWarrior81: i don't know if you'll like it or not
missywinnie1: should i be scared, or something???
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: no not this song
DesertWarrior81: i just happened across this band accidently and i can't believe i never heard this song before
missywinnie1: well you make it sound pretty interesting..... i'll check it out
missywinnie1: what???
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: its different huh lol
DesertWarrior81: check this song out
missywinnie1: I dont know what to say
missywinnie1: lol.............. so different
DesertWarrior81: i know i was surprised
DesertWarrior81: except i found the music video which is why i even bothered listening to it the video is really different
missywinnie1: really??? what is it about???
DesertWarrior81: what do you think
DesertWarrior81: its funny though
missywinnie1: well, you said the video was different..........
DesertWarrior81: yea..
DesertWarrior81: starts off with this chick in the grocery store who has the fever
DesertWarrior81: listen to the next song
DesertWarrior81: anyways she see alot of perverted things you usually don't see in a grocery store and then there is a singing brain
DesertWarrior81: but yeah its funny
missywinnie1: The guy talks way too fast for me
DesertWarrior81: lol
missywinnie1: what is it saying
missywinnie1: dont make fun!!!
DesertWarrior81: i don't know i just like the way it sounds lol
DesertWarrior81: i can't make out most of what he says
missywinnie1: lol........... so you dont even know what it is about??? how crazy you are
DesertWarrior81: i just like the song
DesertWarrior81: the sound
DesertWarrior81: really
missywinnie1: the beat is pretty cool
missywinnie1: it sounds great, but........ I think is like an I'll be there for you my friend song
DesertWarrior81: it is
DesertWarrior81: the song is called bro hymn
DesertWarrior81: yeah its a great song
DesertWarrior81: i think you'll like this next song
missywinnie1: oh boy..
DesertWarrior81: if its the one i think it is
DesertWarrior81: let me see if its the right one
missywinnie1: I dont know what to expect with you
DesertWarrior81: what do you think so far?
missywinnie1: I really like it........ the music is so smooth
DesertWarrior81: you like the next too then
missywinnie1: like flying..... lol
missywinnie1: hey, now im flying.... what is wrong with me lol
DesertWarrior81: lol
DesertWarrior81: try the next song
DesertWarrior81: same band
missywinnie1: what band is this???
DesertWarrior81: 311
missywinnie1: I liked the first one better
missywinnie1: really good
DesertWarrior81: you might like the next one
missywinnie1: same band??
DesertWarrior81: different band
missywinnie1: Darn!!! I have to sleep on the floor tonight
DesertWarrior81: why?
missywinnie1: because we have relatives staying over.... and they always get my room
DesertWarrior81: oh well you could always crash here
DesertWarrior81: jk
missywinnie1: I dont like relatives at all, lol
DesertWarrior81: yeah right i only sorta remember you... you might be the boogie man
missywinnie1: well thank you for the offer anyway.........
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: who is the boogie man???
missywinnie1: Im not very familiar with that character
DesertWarrior81: you've never heard of the boogie man
missywinnie1: sounds funny though
missywinnie1: no never
DesertWarrior81: its like the same thing as el coqui?
DesertWarrior81: monster in spanish
missywinnie1: oooooooh, el coco
missywinnie1: did you just called me el coco???
DesertWarrior81: no
missywinnie1: Hey I was just listening to that song right now
DesertWarrior81: i said you could be el coqui
DesertWarrior81: lol were you really? where?
missywinnie1: well, el coqui is the son of el coco
missywinnie1: so it is the same
DesertWarrior81: lol no i never knew el coco i only knew el coqui el coco does nothing for me
missywinnie1: I have this cd called Oldies but chingonas
DesertWarrior81: oh lol
missywinnie1: well now you know.... el coco is the dad, and if el coqui is scary, you can imagine how el coco is
missywinnie1: the cd also has I just called to say i love you
missywinnie1: hotel california
DesertWarrior81: that next one is the remix its pretty cool
missywinnie1: uuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!! guantanamera
missywinnie1: cool song
DesertWarrior81: its the remix
DesertWarrior81: or remake
missywinnie1: still cool
DesertWarrior81: its awesome
missywinnie1: i think im gonna start dancing right now.......
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: lol
missywinnie1: do you like "hotel california"?
DesertWarrior81: yea its pretty cool
DesertWarrior81: classic
missywinnie1: do you like the remix guantanamera or the original?
DesertWarrior81: i like them both
missywinnie1: ..... I dont like the remake
DesertWarrior81: you wanted to dance right?
missywinnie1: yeah....
missywinnie1: it is so......... slow, no energy
DesertWarrior81: no the next song
missywinnie1: zzzzzzzzzz, i fell asleep
DesertWarrior81: lol maybe i'll let you sleep now
missywinnie1: yeah, Im pretty drowsy..... I m kind of loosing touch with reality now... I m beginnig to think your alien is looking at me in a weird way, lol
missywinnie1: hey i like this song
missywinnie1: that is more like it
DesertWarrior81: the alien is looking at you in weird ways lol
DesertWarrior81: its the son of el coqui
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: el coco's grandson
missywinnie1: clever.....
DesertWarrior81: yea so you dance salsa and cha-cha and all those types of dance
missywinnie1: yeah, i do
DesertWarrior81: awesome
missywinnie1: do you??
DesertWarrior81: um... haven't in a long while.
missywinnie1: but you know how to right??
DesertWarrior81: um.. i'm rusty
DesertWarrior81: but i could i think... just take a few minutes to remember i suppose.
DesertWarrior81: so yea... what do you think about the music i listen to
DesertWarrior81: wake up!
missywinnie1: well ......... very cool.... that song ..... the weird one was very out of the ordinary
missywinnie1: i am up!!!
DesertWarrior81: lol
missywinnie1: but everything else was very much what i like
DesertWarrior81: i think i'm going to buy that CD
DesertWarrior81: the weird one
missywinnie1: lol, would you really buy it.......?
missywinnie1: that is crazy
DesertWarrior81: do you know the name of the band of the one i just sent you
DesertWarrior81: yeah i would buy it
DesertWarrior81: next CDs i'm buying are
missywinnie1: i know it, let me remember it
DesertWarrior81: hot action cop (the weird one)
kanye west
ll cool j
missywinnie1: Im just like dory, from finding nemo... i forget everything
DesertWarrior81: never seen it
DesertWarrior81: wanted to but didn't
missywinnie1: too bad.... you havent lived
DesertWarrior81: lol
DesertWarrior81: you're probably right
missywinnie1: yep
missywinnie1: I think they are called "los rio"
DesertWarrior81: oh shot i forgot to send you
missywinnie1: what
DesertWarrior81: closer by NIN
missywinnie1: another interesting song
DesertWarrior81: um i like it
DesertWarrior81: it was big in the mid 90s
DesertWarrior81: but depending on the crowd you hung out with
missywinnie1: oh, let me see.... hear
DesertWarrior81: um not sure if you like this one
missywinnie1: how do you send me this songs?
DesertWarrior81: you see the chat window for MSN?
DesertWarrior81: click on the thing that says send files and click whatever you want to send and it sends it
DesertWarrior81: you're not going to like this song
missywinnie1: oh, let me try..... im gonna send you something
missywinnie1: why??
DesertWarrior81: lol
DesertWarrior81: you'll see
missywinnie1: I see now
missywinnie1: ???
DesertWarrior81: ???
missywinnie1: now, you see... the other song was funny
DesertWarrior81: what are you trying to send me?
DesertWarrior81: i like the beat
missywinnie1: this is............. not funny
missywinnie1: well the beat is ok
DesertWarrior81: did you figure it out yet... how to send?
missywinnie1: im almost there
missywinnie1: no, it is not gonna send it
missywinnie1: it will probably freeze
DesertWarrior81: try
DesertWarrior81: what is it?
missywinnie1: i already tried
DesertWarrior81: well what is it?
DesertWarrior81: what did the computer say?
missywinnie1: it was the hotel california song
DesertWarrior81: maybe its my firewall?
DesertWarrior81: oh i have it
DesertWarrior81: lol
missywinnie1: no.. . my computer suck
DesertWarrior81: i even have a different version
missywinnie1: sucks
missywinnie1: oh ok
missywinnie1: do you like maroon 5
DesertWarrior81: um.. i think i know of them and heard one song from them but not sure if i like them alot.. i think i liked that one song they sing on mtv
missywinnie1: this love?
DesertWarrior81: i don't know
missywinnie1: the new song is far better tough.........
missywinnie1: I think youll like it
DesertWarrior81: you remember taht song you heard earlier that you wanted to dance to or whatever?
DesertWarrior81: this is the same band remaking hotel california
DesertWarrior81: but its all in spanish
missywinnie1: no, its not
DesertWarrior81: yes it is
DesertWarrior81: transfer it
missywinnie1: are you sure?
DesertWarrior81: yea i am sure
DesertWarrior81: the dance medley song i sent you earlier was by the gypsy kings
missywinnie1: yeah, i just saw that right now..........
DesertWarrior81: and that dance medley song is actually a mix of alot of their other songs
missywinnie1: i knew it!!!!
DesertWarrior81: why dont' you download hotel california by the gypsy kings its in spanish
missywinnie1: oooooooooh
missywinnie1: hold on
missywinnie1: my window is frozen
missywinnie1: let me log off...... ill be right back
DesertWarrior81: oh
missywinnie1: ok?
DesertWarrior81: ok yeah
missywinnie1 signed off at 2:09:48 AM.
missywinnie1 signed on at 2:14:29 AM.
DesertWarrior81: accept
DesertWarrior81: welcome back
DesertWarrior81: hey what's winnie's real name?

missywinnie1: well thank you very much
missywinnie1: hey....... I thought your alien had been kidnaped
missywinnie1: he was missing
DesertWarrior81: no he was playing hiding go seek
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: lets give him a name....... since he is coco's grandson and coqui's son..... what do you want to call him??
DesertWarrior81: um..el coquito i don't know
DesertWarrior81: i'm goign to start calling you danica
missywinnie1: hey, it is the translation of hotel california........ I didnt believe you
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: why??? you already looked her up??
DesertWarrior81: why what
missywinnie1: why are going to start calling me danica?
DesertWarrior81: why not lol
missywinnie1: lol...
missywinnie1: this is a cool remake
DesertWarrior81: yeah lol
missywinnie1: a passionate remake
missywinnie1: lol..... cool, but what channel is this?
DesertWarrior81: i don't know
DesertWarrior81: i'm just copying and pasting
missywinnie1: i think its cable
DesertWarrior81: whoa! danica has a bachelors degree in mathematics
missywinnie1: yep
DesertWarrior81: you knew that
missywinnie1: i was very surprised too
DesertWarrior81: are you like her biggest fan?
DesertWarrior81: lol
missywinnie1: no
DesertWarrior81: oh ok
DesertWarrior81: yeah i didn't know her name until a few minutes ago
missywinnie1: when i was in highschool, people would tell me i looked like winnie, and i didnt know who she was, so i looked her up
missywinnie1: and that is how i know that
missywinnie1: check this page....
missywinnie1: www.angelfire.com/tx2/ thewonderyears/danicapics.html
DesertWarrior81: www.danicamckellar.com
DesertWarrior81: its no longer there
missywinnie1: oh....... well it was a cool page
missywinnie1: yes it is
missywinnie1: im looking at it right now
DesertWarrior81: i copied and pasted dude
DesertWarrior81: hey press shift+enter then pasted the site would ya?
missywinnie1: www.angelfire.com/tx2/ thewonderyears/danicapics.html
missywinnie1: it wont
missywinnie1: look................ just go to yahoo.com, and put danica mckellar.........
missywinnie1: it is called the danica mckellar museum
missywinnie1: no. 8
DesertWarrior81: lol it works now
missywinnie1: you see!

DesertWarrior81: lol too many pictures
missywinnie1: yeah
missywinnie1: im fed up with my stuuuuuuuuuupid computer
DesertWarrior81: hey you changed your pictures
missywinnie1: yeah........ did you barely noticed?
DesertWarrior81: i barely checked
missywinnie1: yep.....
DesertWarrior81: how recent are those?
missywinnie1: last week
missywinnie1: or so
missywinnie1: why?
DesertWarrior81: damn girl
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: what?
DesertWarrior81: i think you're beautiful
missywinnie1: well... thank you, im flattered..... but I'd rather be called interesting, than beautiful, or hot....
DesertWarrior81: well i enjoy chatting with you
DesertWarrior81: but being beautiful in my book is better than being hot
missywinnie1: thank you.... :-D
missywinnie1: you know, that is the problem i had with my ex
missywinnie1: that is why we broke up.....
DesertWarrior81: what was the problem?
DesertWarrior81: dude you like playing resident evil... awesome lol
missywinnie1: he could see the person i was inside....
missywinnie1: so you hadnt red my profile?
DesertWarrior81: not thoroughly
missywinnie1: yes it is the coolest game ever...
missywinnie1: he couldnt
DesertWarrior81: when you knew my name at first i was who are you.. i was more concerned with chatting with you or at least e-mailing you back to find out how you knew me
DesertWarrior81: i read the about me and the who i would like to meet part right away
DesertWarrior81: but that was pretty much it
missywinnie1: oh
DesertWarrior81: so you two broke up cause he could see the person you were inside? why did that cause a breakup?
missywinnie1: he couldnt see the person inside
DesertWarrior81: oh i see ... you were his trophy girl
DesertWarrior81: girl to put out on display
missywinnie1: kind of....
missywinnie1: you know the funny thing is that we had such an interesting relationship..... for me anyway.... and im very surprised he didnt think the same way
DesertWarrior81: why was it interesting what did he think?
missywinnie1: but oh well .... his loss..... i know who i am, and how much im worth
missywinnie1: well, we had so many amazing, cool moments.... I just dont understand how could he throw all of those moments away...
missywinnie1: he's actually the one that introduced me to this page
DesertWarrior81: good for you! you think adrien brody is the sexiest guy ever?
missywinnie1: he has a profile and everything
missywinnie1: yeah
missywinnie1: he is so gorgeous
DesertWarrior81: i only know of this page cause of some body piercer who told me to come here to look at a picture or something
DesertWarrior81: oh did i tell you i body pierce lol
missywinnie1: you do?
DesertWarrior81: yeah
missywinnie1: where did you learn to do that?
DesertWarrior81: but you wouldn't know if by looking at me
DesertWarrior81: well my brother in law
DesertWarrior81: he once owned a body piercing shop in las cruces
DesertWarrior81: he went to phoenix to open his shop over there
DesertWarrior81: i ran the shop in cruces for him
DesertWarrior81: until he was comfortable with his shop in phoenix then he closed it down
DesertWarrior81: i don't body pierce much anymore but i can go to phoenix anytime i wish to do so.
missywinnie1: you are crazy
DesertWarrior81: lol i'm not crazy
missywinnie1: i couldnt do that.... id probably cry, thinking it hurts the other person
DesertWarrior81: i'm just versatile
DesertWarrior81: yeah lol i used to apologize anytime anyone made a hurt sound
DesertWarrior81: i'd pierce and be like i'm sorry
DesertWarrior81 wants to directly connect.
DesertWarrior81 cancels request; no connection was made. (Note: For best results, you and your buddy should use the latest version of AIM.).
missywinnie1: lol.......... so you'd apologize thousand times a day
DesertWarrior81: didn't you see the picture in my profile with me piercing that dudes eyebrow
missywinnie1: no
missywinnie1: let me check
DesertWarrior81: i wish i apologized a thousand times a day.. i'd be a millionaire if that was the case
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: yeah probably
missywinnie1: so...tell me...do you have any dreams???
missywinnie1: goals??
DesertWarrior81: i don't know i have a lot of things i want to do in life but i am unsure of where i want to start.
missywinnie1: like what??
missywinnie1: it happens the exactly the same with me
DesertWarrior81: well if i continue on the engineering route one of the reasons i'm also a communication major is because i want to be the boss. i figure that i'll know how to communicate and therefore be in a better position to advance. i would seek the highest spot on an organization CEO or president...
DesertWarrior81: but that's one thing
DesertWarrior81: i also have different ambitions
DesertWarrior81: I'm going to try and get into west point.
DesertWarrior81: its an esteemed school. i would want to be the best. either one of two extremes
DesertWarrior81: one extreme be a 5 star general, the other extreme be an agent of some sort.
DesertWarrior81: but they all lead down to high position the agent... i would have a different lifestyle behind it where i would seek advancement of course. eitherway i would be in a leadership position where from there i would run in office.
DesertWarrior81: i would invest earlier and travel when able to.
DesertWarrior81: those are long term... short term i would want to go rock climbing, sky diving, bungee jumping
DesertWarrior81: have a high adrenaline lifestyle
DesertWarrior81: but maybe you've fallen asleep at the computer board
missywinnie1: Yeah what a feeling is that of adrenaline!!!!
missywinnie1: i love it too
DesertWarrior81: why do you think i played soo many sports in hs
DesertWarrior81: i love it
missywinnie1: lol......... no, obviously you know what you want........ it is good to be ambitious.......
DesertWarrior81: the thrill of victory.. the feeling of defeat... the thrill of catching someone running down field as they are on the 5 yard line just to pull them down so they don't score
DesertWarrior81: that's an awesome feeling.
missywinnie1: lol, yeah............. you got it........ very emblazoned
DesertWarrior81: yea...
DesertWarrior81: i think one of the greatest feelings is being a good leader
DesertWarrior81: leading by example
DesertWarrior81: what do you want in life... what are your dreams and ambitions?
DesertWarrior81: well besides marrying a billionaire
missywinnie1: well........... i want so much more than an ordinary life
missywinnie1: yeah man!!! no kisses!!! diamonds!!!
missywinnie1: i want to to become a photographer......... a very good one
DesertWarrior81: lady's best friends
DesertWarrior81: i personally think i like tanzanite better than diamonds just cause they are more exotic
missywinnie1: get my own studio....... have my pictures on the most important magazines, everywhere....
missywinnie1: i want to live in NY
missywinnie1: and travel, from here to there, from France to NY, and so on
DesertWarrior81: you want people to say, "have you seen Ms. Franco's latest work? i bet that will sell in the showroom for at least 10 thousand"
missywinnie1: yeah exactly
DesertWarrior81: so you want to live a life of luxury and esteem
DesertWarrior81: cool
missywinnie1: i want people to see the world as i see it through my photographs
DesertWarrior81: you know what tanzanite is?
missywinnie1: lol....... no idea
DesertWarrior81: it more expenisive then diamonds for one lol
missywinnie1: all right ill have to change my motto then
missywinnie1: no kisses.......... tanzanite
DesertWarrior81: lol
missywinnie1: no.... im just kidding i dont care about diamonds or millionaires
DesertWarrior81: Tanzanite is a very special and unique gemstone. World-wide it occurs only in one specific location. Its blue colour which shimmers in a slightly purplish hue is magnificent indeed. Because of its unusually attractive flair it was easy for New York Jeweller Tiffany’s to make it one of the most sought-after and popular gemstones in the world.

missywinnie1: cool..... you see...... im gonna be near tiffany's.........lol
DesertWarrior81: lol
DesertWarrior81: it has a purple tint to it
DesertWarrior81: the only reason i know of tanzanite is cause my mom has some.
missywinnie1: really???
DesertWarrior81: i think she does
missywinnie1: how in the world did she get tanzanite???
DesertWarrior81: bought it at the jewlery store
missywinnie1: i can barely afford those rhinestones from claire's
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: i was with her and i got a watch lol this was when i was in HS
missywinnie1: cool
missywinnie1: you know what i dont really like jewerly
DesertWarrior81: really? well that's cool
DesertWarrior81: i never really wore any jewlery either.
DesertWarrior81: did you see my pictures when i was a little kid?
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: hold on
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: how cute!!!
missywinnie1: was that the truck you told me about?
DesertWarrior81: ummm... what did i say about the truck?
missywinnie1: never mind
DesertWarrior81: that was the truck i rolled three times this past summer
missywinnie1: got lost for a while there
missywinnie1: whoa
DesertWarrior81: in kentucky
missywinnie1: how did it happened?
DesertWarrior81: um its a long story.... well not that long
DesertWarrior81: um hey but you know what i need to sleep cause i need to wake up early enough to do at least 8 to 10 hours of homework tomorrow
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: but i enjoyed talking with you
missywinnie1: yeah me too....... my parents are about to wake up and i havent even been to bed
missywinnie1: yeah me too
DesertWarrior81: your parents wake up at 3:30?
DesertWarrior81: or 4?
missywinnie1: today they will, they have a retire
DesertWarrior81: my mom wakes up at 4 on the weekdays but like 6 i think on sunday..
DesertWarrior81: retire?
missywinnie1: i think that is what it is called
DesertWarrior81: i hate coming home about 6 or 7"30 in the morning to have coffee with my parents... cause i'm just going to sleep and they've already been up
missywinnie1: mmmmmmmmmmm......... lol....... i dont know what is called
DesertWarrior81: the worst was like coming home at 10:30 like 3 4 weeks ago and my cousins and aunts and uncles and mom and dad and sisters were all home eating breakfast lol
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: wont they tell you anything for coming so late?
DesertWarrior81: no.
DesertWarrior81: i lived on my own for 2 years
DesertWarrior81: when i moved back with my parents
DesertWarrior81: it was weird cause i thought they were going to make me follow the old rules and well i was grumpy lol
DesertWarrior81: they were like what's wrong i told them i can't do anything here in ept cause or this and that and they said to just treat the house as if i'm just renting the room out
DesertWarrior81: but pretty much they just want me to be safe.
DesertWarrior81: my mom said she would never be upset about me getting in a car accident as long as i wasn't driving drunk....
DesertWarrior81: not that i plan on getting into car accidents
DesertWarrior81: or driving drunk
missywinnie1: i hope not
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: really my family is here for me... they rather me wake them up at night to get a ride home then to try and do something unsafe..
DesertWarrior81: i'm happy to say i've never had to wake them up early in the morning
DesertWarrior81: i've been responsible
missywinnie1: that is good..... my family is the same way with me
DesertWarrior81: they let you stay out late?
DesertWarrior81: hey when do you turn 21?
missywinnie1: though i dont drink...... but i know they are definetly here for me
DesertWarrior81: i turn 21 on december 8th
missywinnie1: almost there richard!

DesertWarrior81: me yes i am.
missywinnie1: i turn 21 til june 15
missywinnie1: what are you plannig to do?
missywinnie1: or what would you like to do?
DesertWarrior81: after that the next big day in my life is 25 when auto insurance gets lowered for guys then age 60 when i can collect social security
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: oooooooooooh, sweet
missywinnie1: crazy
DesertWarrior81: yup
DesertWarrior81: on my 21st birthday?
missywinnie1: yeah
DesertWarrior81: i am not too sure what i will do... yet...
DesertWarrior81: my 21st birthday is wednesday of finals week
missywinnie1: mmmmmmmmm..... the party could wait for a while
DesertWarrior81: last year on my birthday i was in the library studying
missywinnie1: lol......... it happens.........
DesertWarrior81: my friend wants to take me to vegas
missywinnie1: once....... on my bday....... i was right here bored at home, while my family where at a birthday party
missywinnie1: ironic
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: yea that is ironic
DesertWarrior81: honestly birthdays are less and less of a big deal every year.
missywinnie1: exactly
DesertWarrior81: at 21 i can buy alcohol and can get in trouble easier if i'm at a party and the young'ns are drinking
missywinnie1: or do you remember when you were little, and they would make big parties, gifts............... so many cool stuff
missywinnie1: it was so cool.........
DesertWarrior81: yea... that picture of me when i was a kid was wheni turned i don't know how old do you turn in first grade?
missywinnie1: 6
DesertWarrior81: then it was 6
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: so yeah... i can't believe you can chat for soooo long
missywinnie1: I can chat for so long???
missywinnie1: you can chat for so long
DesertWarrior81: :-P
missywinnie1: yeah........ lol, we should go to bed now....... before i say something very very very stupid due to my drowsiness
DesertWarrior81: stupid like what?
missywinnie1: like.............. i dont know
missywinnie1: something stupid.........
DesertWarrior81: like what? what could you possibly say that could be stupid?
missywinnie1: saying im gonna vote for bush
missywinnie1: lol........... how clever
DesertWarrior81: no that would be the smarter thing you could say
missywinnie1: lol......... i think you are asleep now..... you cant think straight
DesertWarrior81: lol
DesertWarrior81: grrrr
missywinnie1: grrrrrr??
DesertWarrior81: its a playful grrr
DesertWarrior81: a growl
missywinnie1: is that like your warrior aggresive sign
missywinnie1: of something
missywinnie1: or something
DesertWarrior81: no that's the grrr of like a dog when you try and pet him and he's trying to eat lol
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: why are you so aggresive to me???, just cause you know im right
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: no cause i thought that was clever.. i must be asleep cause i'm not thinking straight
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: ooooooooh
missywinnie1: i had a question for you
DesertWarrior81: ask away
missywinnie1: you see.. i want to get great abs
DesertWarrior81: ok
missywinnie1: im working out everyday....... but i do weights.... not crunches.........
missywinnie1: is it the same???
missywinnie1: or will i get bulky with weights
DesertWarrior81: you won't get bulky with weights as long as you do not add weight
DesertWarrior81: if the excercise gets too easy just do more reps
missywinnie1: oh ok
DesertWarrior81: and you'll get toned
missywinnie1: how much weight do you think would be good to get toned???
DesertWarrior81: which reminds me i better make time for the gym all this week
DesertWarrior81: what are you doing now?
missywinnie1: about 5 sets of 20 with 90 lbs
DesertWarrior81: i think cause of that compliment you paid me earlier i'm going to be running alot trying to get my mile back down to 5 minutes more or less
DesertWarrior81: bench?
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: bench???
DesertWarrior81: 5 sets of 20 with 90lbs is that the bench?
missywinnie1: yeah
DesertWarrior81: if you're trying to work out your abs you shouldn't do bench to do it lol
DesertWarrior81: bench is for your chest
DesertWarrior81: and a little for your arms
missywinnie1: no, then it is not bench
missywinnie1: what im doing is obviously for the abs
DesertWarrior81: are you laying down?
missywinnie1: cause, im sore like hell
DesertWarrior81: standing up
missywinnie1: no, you sit, and then bend your upper body.....
DesertWarrior81: um... i don't know
DesertWarrior81: just don't add weight, add reps
missywinnie1: but is 90 lbs. ok?
DesertWarrior81: i don't know what you are doing with the 90lbs
DesertWarrior81: you can do 20 reps so its probably fine
missywinnie1: lets make a deal....... i teach you spanish....... you teach me to excercise effectively
DesertWarrior81: if you were only able to do 10 reps then it would definitely be too heavy
DesertWarrior81: yeah
DesertWarrior81: awesome.
DesertWarrior81: um but i got to get back in shape.
DesertWarrior81: give me two weeks lol
missywinnie1: what ever....
missywinnie1: i want to watch that transition....... from out of shape to on shape
DesertWarrior81: damn
missywinnie1: just compare and contrast
DesertWarrior81: alright we'll talk about it
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: give me a call sometime
DesertWarrior81: NUMBER
missywinnie1: here's mine..... you give me call too........ not too early though......
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: NUMBER
DesertWarrior81: i wake up at 6am lol
DesertWarrior81: i'll give you a morning wake up call
DesertWarrior81: jk
missywinnie1: na..... just kidding........ me too
DesertWarrior81: first class starts at 7:30 for me
missywinnie1: why did you chose it so early??? was it the only one??
missywinnie1: or are you just insane?
DesertWarrior81: it wasn't the only one and i'm not insane
DesertWarrior81: i just wanted to be up early
missywinnie1: then..... what is wrong with you
DesertWarrior81: so i could start my day earlier and get more done
missywinnie1: you are insane then
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: i have 6 classes and two labs lol
missywinnie1: do you go to school every day???
DesertWarrior81: monday through thursday
DesertWarrior81: i like to go on the weekend to if possible so i can do homework.
missywinnie1: cant you do your homework at home?
DesertWarrior81: engineering homework i can't
DesertWarrior81: programs i have to use for them are only available at school
DesertWarrior81: and only available in one lab
missywinnie1: oh, i see
DesertWarrior81: on weekdays the lab closes at 11pm and weekends i really don't know
missywinnie1: lol, and on weekends you shut down at .... what??? 6pm?
DesertWarrior81: lol sometimes on thursday i get home like at 6 or 7 and i just crash till the morning
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: but yeah i work my butt off during the week and party or just relax during the weekend.
missywinnie1: that sounds fair
DesertWarrior81: we got that hollywood video MVP thing and we get a ton of movies now
DesertWarrior81: yea...
missywinnie1: yeaaah, me too.........
missywinnie1: it is actually a very good deal
DesertWarrior81: except i'm going to cut most of the alcohol out of my lifestyle cause now i got to get in shape and impress you
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: yeah it took me like three weeks to convince my mom
missywinnie1: yep, the big first impression
DesertWarrior81: oh no you just said i had to make a big first impression
DesertWarrior81: make it four weeks
DesertWarrior81: jk
missywinnie1: lol..... of course not........i dont want to get impressed
DesertWarrior81: oh good cause i thought we were going to have to meet at the track so i can run in a circle for you 4 times
DesertWarrior81: lol
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: i hated you so much for runnig so fast
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: really lol
missywinnie1: but now, i bet i can beat you.........
DesertWarrior81: i'm sooo flattered
DesertWarrior81: what!
DesertWarrior81: running what?
DesertWarrior81: i'm soo gonna beat you
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: its on
missywinnie1: look at you all competitive
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: i bet you could probably beat me tomorrow if we raced but in two weeks you wouldn't be able to
missywinnie1: its on then
DesertWarrior81: you wanted adrenaline... no better way to get some then in a competition
missywinnie1: yeah
missywinnie1: exactly.............
missywinnie1: i dont know what im getting myself into
missywinnie1: lol
DesertWarrior81: lol
DesertWarrior81: its alright you don't have to race me
DesertWarrior81: i'll let you slide
DesertWarrior81: we'll just jump out of plane or something
missywinnie1: sounds so much fum
missywinnie1: fun
DesertWarrior81: dude your mom and dad are going to be waking up soon.
missywinnie1: yeah....... lol
DesertWarrior81: you should go to sleep while i go run 3 miles outside
missywinnie1: lol......... you would go right now
missywinnie1: you wouldnt
DesertWarrior81: dude do you know you are talking to?
DesertWarrior81: i used to run to hell week
DesertWarrior81: through the desert
missywinnie1: i know im just challenging you
DesertWarrior81: for football, wrestling, and track practice
DesertWarrior81: oh so you don't think i would do it right now?
missywinnie1: no
missywinnie1: not at all.. you are probably too tired
missywinnie1: and have no energy to
DesertWarrior81: ask me to do it and i will... otherwise i'm going to go to sleep
missywinnie1: how do i know you did run???
DesertWarrior81: cause i'm honorable.
missywinnie1: lol.............
DesertWarrior81: seriously.
DesertWarrior81: i say i'm going to do something and i will
missywinnie1: allrighty then........ go get in shape
missywinnie1: at 4:00 am
DesertWarrior81: hey i said ask
missywinnie1: ....... i know you wouldnt do it
DesertWarrior81: stop rationalizing it
missywinnie1: youd just probably say you did it
DesertWarrior81: well its entirely up to you. you ask me to. i will go.. if not i'm going to go to sleep.
missywinnie1: ok, ok, i'll believe you this one time
missywinnie1: but just because i know you are very tired.......lol
DesertWarrior81: well thanks.
DesertWarrior81: i would've done it though.
missywinnie1: how nice am i???
DesertWarrior81: i'll pay you back sometime.
DesertWarrior81: now i better get to sleep before you change your mind.
DesertWarrior81: lol
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: i know.
missywinnie1: it has been pretty cool to chat with you........ have sweet dreams........
DesertWarrior81: i will.
DesertWarrior81: you too
DesertWarrior81: don't let the bed bugs bite.
DesertWarrior81: or el coquito
missywinnie1: thanks.... too late for that.... they already did
missywinnie1: lol
missywinnie1: see ya later....
DesertWarrior81: goodnight and sleep tight.
missywinnie1: :-*
DesertWarrior81: kiss (look at the alien)
missywinnie1: i didnt see it
DesertWarrior81: kiss
missywinnie1: lol, thanks, sweet
missywinnie1: ciao
DesertWarrior81: adios ciao
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