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Hey Mal you still exist?

ok this needs an intro... i was just talking with one of my sister's friends april.

breatheNOmore01: Jesse is really shy, huh?
DesertWarrior81: i'm confused?
breatheNOmore01: the guy u were at the game with?
DesertWarrior81: oh.. i don't know
DesertWarrior81: why you crushing on him now lol
breatheNOmore01: LMAO no!
breatheNOmore01: but he seemed it...like that girl was gonna bite off his head or something
DesertWarrior81: what?
DesertWarrior81: you're losing me
breatheNOmore01: um the girl that was sitting by us at the game...the girl they said was flirting with him....he got all scared
DesertWarrior81: i just don't think he was attracted to her.. shit i would've acted the same way if everyone was picking on me
breatheNOmore01: haha
breatheNOmore01: Corina kept asking me if he was gay. LMAO
DesertWarrior81: not that i know of
breatheNOmore01: lol
DesertWarrior81: doesn't seem like it
DesertWarrior81: he flirts with alot of chicks
breatheNOmore01: i didn't even remember him...
breatheNOmore01: until i started looking at him and thinking "hmm he kinda looks familiar"
DesertWarrior81: ok i'm going to go.. i can't take all this fucking girl talk its making me sick
breatheNOmore01: =-O
DesertWarrior81: i will let jessie know you like him
DesertWarrior81: lol
breatheNOmore01: WHAT! LMAO....ew no!
DesertWarrior81: right.
DesertWarrior81: why else would you be talking about him for so long
breatheNOmore01: your sister was supposed to spend the night tonight, so tell her..
breatheNOmore01: omg, no Richard, i dont like him
breatheNOmore01: LMAO
breatheNOmore01: Man..i was just talking about the other night..cuz u were there and i was there...damn
breatheNOmore01: lol
DesertWarrior81: lol you were talking about jessie like i cared if he was shy or not or this or that.. its making me sick
breatheNOmore01: jeez what is fuckin wrong with guys?!
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what do you think about the conversation?
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