Dickie (dickies) wrote in we_are_funny,

DesertWarrior81: hey
StarrLikeRingo88: hi
DesertWarrior81: it is I
DesertWarrior81: Dickie
DesertWarrior81: richard
StarrLikeRingo88: lol
StarrLikeRingo88: hi
StarrLikeRingo88: wutd going on?
DesertWarrior81: nothign just wasting valuable time
DesertWarrior81: and you?
StarrLikeRingo88: same....i just got home
DesertWarrior81: where from?
StarrLikeRingo88: theatre rehearsal
DesertWarrior81: cool
DesertWarrior81: i thought that was over like you were upset abotu it or something and gonna miss it
StarrLikeRingo88: oh...thats different. that was a different theatre group. this one is for competition
DesertWarrior81: i was in theatre... i had the luxury or playing this drunk guy one time, and Yertle the turtle and oh i was the "green eggs and ham"
StarrLikeRingo88: lol
StarrLikeRingo88: wow
DesertWarrior81: *cracks knuckles*
StarrLikeRingo88: experienced actor, i see
DesertWarrior81: yes i am
StarrLikeRingo88: cool
DesertWarrior81: i was also on the high school t.v. thingy or what not
StarrLikeRingo88: oh wow, so am i
StarrLikeRingo88: :-)
StarrLikeRingo88: i love it
DesertWarrior81: my specialty was stupid things like falling and making it seem like i was just hit really hard by the way my body would move...
StarrLikeRingo88: on the tv?
StarrLikeRingo88: did u guys have a t.v. show type thing, or was it like a news program?
DesertWarrior81: yea... i mean i did the news and stuff too but the special reports.. like this one about friday the 13th or something... and i just made a mockery of bad luck things... and at the end i like ran into something and flew like 5 or so feet
StarrLikeRingo88: lol
StarrLikeRingo88: ur brave
StarrLikeRingo88: where did u go to school?
DesertWarrior81: santa teresa High school
DesertWarrior81: DesertWarriors
DesertWarrior81: where you go?
StarrLikeRingo88: ohhh, thats where it comes from
DesertWarrior81: yup
StarrLikeRingo88: hanks
DesertWarrior81: 81 is my football jersey.... was my football jersey *tear*
StarrLikeRingo88: ..hanks knights
DesertWarrior81: yeah i know
DesertWarrior81: the knights.... i think my dentists office when i was a kid was right across the street from hanks
StarrLikeRingo88: u look like u would play fb..in some of the pics i've seen of u..
StarrLikeRingo88: oh, yeah, theres a dentist there
DesertWarrior81: all state baby
DesertWarrior81: New Mexico
StarrLikeRingo88: how was ur fri night?
DesertWarrior81: friday night... last night? hmmm it was alright i um um what did i do...?? oh i went to a party and it was packed. cops busted it but didn't really bust it like how they do for high school parties.. they said something about us having to leave and said to go to another party and hope they don't bust that one too
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